With a workforce of roughly 1,200 people, Cilag AG is one of the major producers of the Swiss pharmaceutical industry and one of the most important employers in the Schaffhausen region. Perhaps you too will soon be joining their number?

Set up in 1936, Cilag AG has been a member of the Johnson & Johnson Group since 1959. The company is a centre for launching and boosting growth in parenterals and produces high-quality pharmaceutical substances and products, from which patients benefit all over the world. Cilag AG belongs to the group of Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical companies operating under the “Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson” trademark.

Since October 2015, Cilag AG’s market presence has been associated with the image of the Janssen trademark. By adopting the Janssen image, Cilag takes its long-standing membership of the Johnson & Johnson Group and its strategic significance within the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies’ supply chain into account.

  • Applying Online

    Tips how to apply online – global and efficient

    Cilag AG prefers online applications. That way we can send your profile on to the right place in our company straight away.

    Applying online is beneficial for you as well. You are recorded in our database, and if you are not successful with regard to the position you have applied for the first time, it is possible that a post fitting your profile will come up at a later date, and we will be able to contact you direct.

    Applying online for a job with Cilag AG – this is how it works:

    1/ Please click on to log into our new recruiting tool and apply for an open position, there. For the location, please select Schaffhausen.

    2/ Make sure that your application is complete, clear, well structured and easy to read.

    3/ Attach your letter of application with your professional aspirations and goals, your current CV and any other documents as files (please confine yourself to upload not more than 2 attachments). This way, your file can be distributed more easily internally.

    4/ Label your attachments (use PDF, Word or Excel files) as follows: Application, CV, Reference, and Qualification4/  Certificates.

    5/ Do not send encrypted files.

    6/ Do not send files that are too large (images), which cannot be opened by the recipient. Ensure that the attachments are no more than 2 MB; this also applies to scanned photographs.

    7/ Please do not send very large files (images) that cannot be opened by the receiver. Make sure that the files are no larger than 2MB; this also applies to scanned photos.

    8/ Observe the additional notes  here (DE)

How to find your way into Cilag AG

Are you looking for a new challenge, a traineeship or work placement? This is where you will find the most important information.

Cilag AG

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